HAIR CENTER is the first computerised centre that can perform highly precise real-time scalp diagnoses.

  • Analyses data
  • Performs tests
  • Makes a diagnosis
  • Chooses the most appropriate treatment in each case
  • Monitors case progress

HAIR CENTER captures an image of the problem area of the scalp, compares it with other areas and assesses the degree to which that area is affected.

It saves these images in its database, for later follow-up. The before-and-after images show the right treatment reduces the problem.

It analyses general skin factors and aspects or characteristics of the scalp: hair density, seborrhea, dandruff, blood vessels, sweating, hair shafts, etc.


  • A graphic comparison of the changes from normal values
  • Rigorous and individual diagnosis
  • Suggested home and salon treatments

Treatment follow-up:

  • Comparative analysis with later check-ups, which are stored in the customer’s record

Stock optimisation and product control.