We are a laboratory

We are a dermocosmetic laboratory aimed at offering effective and scientifically proven solutions that provide health and beauty for the skin and hair, always based on natural active ingredients.


Currently, through our Biotricologia® brand we respond to the main needs of hair cosmetics with hair treatments and protocols present in a large number of clinics and dermatologists within the Spanish market.

Biotricologia® is a range specially designed by expert trichologists for the care of the scalp and hair, highlighting our anti-hair loss, dry skin care, anti-dandruff or seborrhea treatments.

Biotricologia has a solid reputation and has been in the market for more than 30 years.

Innovation and development

We are committed to research and development of new effective, safe and sustainable products, always limiting our environmental impact.

We develop our own formulations based on an in-depth study of the consumer and the opinions of professionals, listening to their concerns to offer the products that best fit their needs.

Together with our vocation for innovation, we are committed to the continuous training of professionals and product prescribers, so that they are up to date with the different advances in the industry and our products.


CTC Lab is the heir to Centro Tecnología Capilar, a company recognized for its knowledge of hair and carrying out efficacy studies for a large number of brands and main cosmetic manufacturers in their hair ranges.

The new CTC Lab was born with the experience and knowledge of more than 30 years in the Spanish market and with the renewed vocation to be a laboratory of effective dermatological solutions that improve the health and well-being of hair and skin.