Professional support by
specialist trichologists

Expert trichologists with extensive experience and more than 4,000 successfully treated patients are available for consultation on a case-by-case basis:

  • Diagnosis, follow-up and patient progress
  • How to use the products
  • Resolving technical issues

Guaranteed technical assistance for professionals, aimed at hairdressers, beauty salons and clinics.

Hair Center

Hair health requires a detailed understanding and analysis of the scalp.

The HAIR CENTER is the first data processing centre that allows real-time, accurate and scientifically precise diagnosis of the scalp.

The micro-camera captures an image of the scalp, compares it with other areas and calibrates how affected it is by analysing overall skin conditions and aspects or characteristics of the scalp: hair density, sebum, dandruff, vascularity, perspiration, hair shafts, etc. It suggests a diagnosis and personalised treatment to be administered at home and at the salon/centre.

Ongoing Training

Training is essential for any professional in any profession, but in the hair industry, where new technologies and ingredients are continually opening new doors, staying up-to-date is vital.

At Biotricología Clinic Xpert®, we hold training sessions on our products and important advances in the sector throughout the year, both in-person and online.

Professionals Area

Contact us and register as a Professional on our website to have access to our exclusive contents in the Professionals Area.

Invitations to technical training sessions, masterclass tutorials, guides for professionals, etc.

Product information collection: proper use and treatments/procedures (Diagnosis, Application, Frequency of use, etc.).