360o projects

In collaboration with the Customer, our R&D Department designs the project and offers support at all stages, from the choice of the main active ingredients through formulation, safety and effectiveness testing, advice on packaging and manufacture, to marketing and the market launch, including training the sales teams.

· Defining the project and advising on it
· Customised formulae· Choice of innovative active ingredients· Safety and effectiveness testing. Advice on packaging
 and the manufacturing process· Packaging
· Filling
· Labelling
· Advice on marketing and training.




Our knowledge of hair biology and cosmetic science combine to create effective and attractive products for hair and scalp care.

We have wide experience of developing formulae for shampoos, masks, lotions, conditioners, straightening treatments, etc, specifically for treating the scalp: hair loss prevention, dandruff prevention, frequent use, child-friendly, calming, for sensitive skins, restructuring, ethnic products, for hair prosthetics, etc.



Effectiveness testing

Our multidisciplinary team of biologists, pharmacists and hairdressers, with extensive experience in the fields of Trichology and Hair Cosmetics carry out studies to evaluate the effectiveness of active ingredients and finished products.

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Specialist consultancy

Centro de Tecnología Capilar offers a consulting service aimed at companies in the hair sector.We provide specialist technical and commercial assistance in the areas of trichology and cosmetics. Individualised consulting service to meet the needs of every company.

Technical Literature and Writing:
– technical documentation about hair, hair treatments, apparatus, etc.
– writing for leaflets, manuals and sales catalogues
– review of courses and talks
– product labelling in accordance with legislation
– technical descriptions of cosmetic products

Cosmetic Legislation
– requirements for putting cosmetic products on the market
– applications and processes with the health authorities
– product import and export
Treatment Methods
– instructions for use of products
– optimisation of hair treatments
Specialised Technical & Commercial Training (link a 4-d: Formación)
– training in hair treatments, apparatus and cosmetics for hair
– tailor-made training for specialists and sales people
– knowledge updates
Keys to Marketing
– key concepts for product launches
– scientific marketing
– marketing trends
– product presentations for trade professionals (hairdressers, beauty specialists,
distributors, etc.)
– new launches
– attendance at congresses and other events – informative articles, press releases, etc.




Centro de Tecnología Capilar organises training courses adapted to meet the needs of hairdressing and personal image professionals: separate levels, flexible length, on-site training, small groups, stage at C.T.C.